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Where am I?

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Jayadev Mahalingam
Jayadev Mahalingam

I'm Jayadev, someone who is thoroughly enjoying 'LIFE' - the gift of the universe to us ! I have been an entrepreneur but i have lost that identity too in the recent past. I'm just someone who is observing life and experiencing the bliss that it offers/has been offering. Tuning myself more to the ISness of things and trying to stop my mind from playing havoc with my 'being' - well, thats me, as of this MOMENT :)

Looking forward to hearing about more stories from other users !


Also - giving an affirmation to the universe through this post - may this beautiful vehicle of smukti, take off and allow spiritual exchange to happen free-flowing.


Krishna Sundaresan
Krishna Sundaresan

I am Krishna. Work in technology. Married, with 1 son. My spiritual journey started around 2018, with a couple of awakening experiences on psychedelics. 

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