Recently, when I was browsing Quora, I found this concept. The title of the topic was "what are the most scariest human theories?". And Nihilism topped it. 

Why is it scary? because this theory breaks the soul of human evolution. It is believed that eons ago, we were chimps. And we graduated to Homo sapiens after growing significantly within physical and mental parameters. 

Imagine, if a theory can nullify human history and achievement which merely states, "you have no purpose in this universe"

Nihilists are people who believe  Big Bang, God, Aliens,  Happiness, Hell do not exist.   They believe in nothing - life has no purpose. This concept stems from the fact that our origin and our destination is blurry. This anxiety that follows when and where and why of our existence gave birth to Nihilism that disregards everything. 

This reminds me of the question Ramana Maharishi asked himself, "Who am I?" He did not stop until he revelled in the enlightenment after he found his answer. Nihilists, I believe, are walking a similar path. They have lost the direction in their search and believe they have reached their destination when they see a dark corner. 

Dear seeker, walk through the darkness and find your light.