Recently I read a book where the lead character enters a dimension between life and death. She is lead to a magical library hanging in space which gives her a chance to choose an alternate reality - one of the parallel worlds in which her life is perfect. She tries different versions of herself -  a doctor, a glaciologist, home-maker, a suburban wife, a rockstar and many many many more roles. As one can imagine, the end indeed lead her to a life that is littered with trauma. Shockingly, it seems perfect. 

Role models are a flawed concept. Something that ignites the fire of pessimism in a person. The place were the comparison game begins and never ends. Everyone is filing their karma returns. Your karma is like your thumbprint. It may resemble every other person's thumbprint, which is why we get tricked. 

Being at right place at the right time is science that is yet to be debunked. Quantum physicists are still dissecting subatomic particles. We still have a long way to go. Success merely depends on that. Degrees and accolade are flavours but the Butterfly Effect is the fire that lights the pan. There is a magic that happens in the universe when we get what we want, an intangible shift in the cosmic plates. 

What are the factors that can lead to such moments? Such moments of pure unparalleled bliss? When we realise that this moment, right now, is perfect.