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According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. Join now and share your experience!

Please recommend any spiritual movies that you might have watched or keep watching often πŸ˜‰

I found too many lists on google search but thought will be nice to pick from you guys :)

Ram Navami and it's spiritual significance

Wishing everyone a very happy Ram Navami hope everyone can find their radiance within ❀️

The festival of Ram Navami commemorates the birth of Lord Ram, the model man. His name, β€˜Rama’ literary stands for the β€˜light within me’. He... (More)

wanderer, storyteller, and a few other things... Living in the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari.

The Church - The Question

From my early childhood days in Kanyakumari. At least from whatever I can recollect from my memory, the church is an integral part of me, Sabin Rodriguez. It was not only for me but for everyone, who lived in our... (More)